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    Always ensure that your devices and data are fully protected at all times, and get best advice on security strategies that are fully secure but don’t cost the earth.

    As businesses become ever more dependent upon IT and technology for their day to day activities, security and data protection are key topics that simply cannot be ignored. At Bongo IT, we take security very seriously, protecting all our customers against risks from data breaches, malware & spyware attacks, system breakdowns and other security issues to ensure that businesses run smoothly at all times.

    We ensure that our team are fully aware of the very latest legislation and security issues so that you don’t have to be, providing the best advice and strategies to keep your business protected. Security needs to be addressed in many different areas, and our service covers a wide range of issues, including:
    • Data Resilience & Business Continuity
    • Device Security & Management
    • Password Security
    • GDPR and Data Protection
    • Cyber Security
    • Card Payment Security (PCI DSS)
    • Secure Data & Hardware Destruction
    • CCTV Recording & Monitoring
    To find out more about our security services, please get in touch today.



  • At Bongo IT, we know that technology is increasingly dominant and crucial to maintaining business performance and productivity.

    Organisations should make sure they are making the right IT decisions for their current needs, whilst also planning for the future with flexible and scalable solutions.

  • As a special offer, we are offering a FREE one hour consultation to address your current IT setup and recommend an effective strategy for your future requirements.

    Addressing issues such as computer hardware, broadband, data security, file sharing, compliance and more, we’ll help you build a plan and ensure you deploy the most cost-effective IT strategy for your company’s needs.



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