Business Leaders Masterclass: 5 Secrets For Sales Growth by Sandler Training


Last Thursday we were privellieged enough to attend one of Sandler Training's taster sessions. We spend two hours looking at the slaes process, and much of that from the customer perspective.

The morning was well spent and we came away with lots of actionable ideas to introduce into our sales strategy. The presentor Anneli was excellent too, one of the best we have ever seen. We would highly recommend going to a taster session...there are even biscuits. Here's what they say:

In today's economic conditions it is no longer acceptable to sit back and wait for your business to grow. Instead, we must learn how to create demand. Join Sandler for this fast-paced 2 hour session which will focus on why sales are not growing as fast as they could be and leave you with what you can do about it.

By the end of the masterclass you will be able to identify new techniques and behaviour to empower your success, understand how to develop new strategies and tactics for growth and learn how to set yourselves apart from the competition - this will be stuff you and / or your team can use straight away.


9am to 9.30am: Coffee is served

9.30am: Let's Start!

-The sales process

-The buyers process

- An alternative view point

- The Success Triangle

11.30am Questions and Close

11.30am Time for a quick coffee or cup of tea to fuel your journey onwards!