How To Maximise The Potential Of Your YouTube Channel

Maximising YouTube Traffic

This is a really quick guide to optimising your existing YouTube channel.

These are techniques some of the ones I have used myself with great success whilst running campaigns for various clients, most recently for Dark Matter Audio. During those campaigns we had our YouTube videos watched by thousands of people. Now I must admit we had a great mix of PR and media hype at the time surrounding the release of an exciting new product so the videos were going to do well because they were well placed, timely and shared a popular interest however; to maximise on any success here are some of the things you need to think about when using your YouTube channel/s.

Video Traffic 101 Academy

  • Optimise For Your Keywords - I know lets get the most obvious thing out of the way first! This makes the video easier to find and can help relate it to a popular subject. I'm not suggesting that you ride on the back of other peoples success (although I do know a couple of marketing agencies that may have used that technique). What I am suggesting is that if there is a trade show on, or an event happening and you can legitimately say you were there or had something to do with it then you may want to use a keyword such as the event/place name. Keywords have evolved over the past few years so do try to think of something creative and relevant when choosing keywords and phrases.  
  • Create A Call To Action - Tell people what to do next. subscribe and share or go to www. and explain how to do it. Offer your YouTube fans a special bonus so your message feels personalised and gives them an incentive to learn more about you.
  • Provide Value Content - Don't just rehash other peoples' ideas. Provide your own insights. It is our unique insights into the world that are the most interesting, you don't have to follow the crowd.
  • Carry On Consistent - Keep going at it! Once a week. or one every day, the more the better so long as the content is new and provides a unique perspective.

Three Steps To YouTube Video Success

  • What Video To Make? - Stuck for video ideas are we?...well why not find some popular keywords using the Google Keyword Tool. Find 30+ keywords that surround your industry or area of expertise. Refine your idea into a question or answer such as "How To Install Linux On A Dead Badger" (surprisingly quite a popular subject).
  • Digital Video Value - You don't need to be a video editing master to get a good video together. Use the tools provided in YouTube to trim the video and make nice edits.
  • Optimise The Video - Add your keywords, add an SEO optimised transcript to the video (use the interactive YouTube transcript tool), add a call to action near the end of your video, add the URL of the page you want to generate traffic to in the video description on the first line, add any other relevant backlinks.

If you have all those bases covered then you are well on your way to success. That's all folks!


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